5 Minute Under Eye Cures

*Part 2 from my article originally posted over at The EveryMom🙂

Being a busy Mom, you might not have the time to maintain an intense daily eye care routine, even when your eyes are begging for it. Or, your eyes are looking ESPECIALLY tired today, and you have to meet your most judgmental childless friend for lunch. Either way, these quick eye fixes are your golden ticket.

skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels take 10 minutes to dramatically reduce those dreaded puffy under eyes. A celebrity favorite, the patches also help firm and tone the delicate under eye area. Simply slap them on after you wash your face, and by the time you’ve chugged your coffee, you can peel them off and admire the results.

If you’re a back sleeper like me, you may also suffer from swollen eyelids after a long night. Kiehls’ Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer is actually a product designed for the Kiehls’ Mens line – but don’t let the boys have all the fun! Infused with caffeine and B12, this tiny but mighty gel stick has an immediate cooling effect and will quickly help reduce those swollen lids (and of course, can also be used for under eye concerns as well.)

Lastly, I can say with total confidence that any time someone has complimented me on my glowing skin, it’s because I’ve been rocking my RMS Living Luminizer. From one of my all time favorite natural makeup brands, the Living Luminizer can be dabbed around your eye bone (and anywhere else that needs a pick me up) for an instant wide-eyed, dewy glow. I (almost) never leave the house without it.

Any quick fixes I’m missing? Hit us up in the comments.

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