Brands You’re Wearing That You Didn’t Know Made Kids Clothes

There are so many cool brands out there specific to kids and babies, but these brands you may wear yourself and had no idea they made some seriously cute clothes for your babe too! This takes Mommy & Me to a whole new chic level.

The Discount Duo: H&M and Zara

For the young hipster. Both of these brands have trendy baby and kids clothing available at VERY reasonable price online and in stores. I find Zara to be an especially good option if you have a baby who is long and skinny, like ma man Teddy.

Here is baby model Teddy rocking some Zara jeans (top) and Zara knit pants (bottom).

The Mall Staples: Crew Cuts (J Crew) and Splendid

You may have heard about J Crew’s collection for the pipsqueek prepster, Crew Cuts, but Splendid is another brand you may be sporting yourself that also make cute and comfy kids staples. Like the adult line, they carry a great selection of basics and soft knits.

Baby model Sawyer is rocking a Crew Cuts tee (top) and Baby model Teddy is rocking a Splendid tee (bottom).

The West Coast Trendsetters: Marine Layer Faherty and Johnnie-O

For the baby with a laid back Cali aesthetic (but is also very fashion-conscious of course). These brands, which were originally all Mens clothing, now carry some of the coolest kids (and Moms, in the case of Marine Layer & Faherty)clothes around.

Baby Model Hanes is rocking a Faherty poncho (top) and Baby Model Teddy is rocking a Marine Layer pullover (bottom).

Fancy Feet: Sun Sans (Saltwater Sandals) and All Birds

Lets not forget dem shoes! For both kids on the run (All Birds) and babies in the sun (Saltwater Sandals) there is a cute shoe you’re wearing now that your nugget will love as well.

Baby Models Harris & Elliot are each rocking a pair of Sun Sans (top) and Baby Model Sawyer is rocking a pair of All Birds shoes (bottom).

Any non-obvious awesome brands I’m missing here? Share in the comments!

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